Our Guiding Principles

For far too long politics in Canada have been dominated by political parties who have governed to promote the best interests of their party rather than for the good of our country and our planet. This has to end if we are to have a successful future. We have developed a set of principles to guide a new approach to politics:


We must respect each other and the natural world. Our actions, both individually and collectively, must reflect a respectful relationship with one another and our environment.

Caring for the Earth

We have an individual and collective responsibility to care for and protect the earth. This must be foremost in all our actions.


All of us, regardless of political affiliation, must join together to address the challenges of climate change.


We must work to strengthen our communities. We will be successful in addressing climate change when we work together as communities rather than working alone as individuals.

Responsibility and Accountability

Individuals, businesses and government all have a part to play in the life of our country and in addressing climate change. Each needs to be responsible and accountable for their actions.

Considering Future Generations

We must take into consideration the impact of our actions and our decisions on the ability of future generations to continue to live successfully in this world.

Our Platform

1. Declare a Climate Emergency

Develop a national plan of action to address climate change and build a green economy, mobilize people and resources to implement meaningful climate action across the country, end fossil fuel subsidies and the construction of new pipelines, build a just transition for workers in the fossil fuel sector to green sectors of the economy, create a civilian conservation corps to replant our forests and build green infrastructure.

2. Promote Green Technologies and Entrepreneurship

Support innovation, make adoption of green technologies affordable for the public, foster entrepreneurship in green technology and alternative energies, eliminate red tape and bureaucratic delay, incentivize the shift from fossil fuel consumption, invest in green retrofitting and energy conservation.

3. Build Healthy Communities and a Healthy Environment

Invest in a guaranteed liveable income and affordable housing, protect our fresh water, create liveable neighbourhoods, develop creative solutions to crime and homelessness, promote civic responsibility and accountability, strengthen our health care system and develop new approaches to long term care, support our students and prioritize education, protect boreal and old growth forests, encourage local food production, establish universal Pharmacare and child care programs, build green transportation and infrastructure, hold polluters to account and end fracking, protect and enhance our urban tree canopy and green spaces.

4. Reform Governance

Move beyond political partisanship, end patronage, enact proportional representation to better reflect the democratic will of Canadians, enforce accountability for our political leaders, support reconciliation and end the colonial governance of indigenous peoples.

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